Welcome to DC-America

DC-America solves many of the obstacles involved with EV Charging Infrastructure adoption. Compliance, Future Upgrades, Construction Costs, and Re-Deployment can easily be solved with a charging solution from DC-America.


Born in the energy sector

DC-America was founded by the ownership teams of Cenergy, LLC and Dixon Electrical Systems. We proudly trace our roots in the energy industry back more than 25 years. For more than a decade we have worked strategically designing, manufacturing and constructing modular skids, buildings and equipment for the energy industry. These two companies turned that experience into DC-America. Now DC-America leads the EV industry with turnkey and modular charging solutions.


EV Charging Infrastructure Considerations

As Electric Vehicle adoption increases so will the demand for charging infrastructure. This also means site needs will change. Fleet and customer requirements will grow. The investment you make today with a traditional “stick built” EV Charger installation can be costly, disruptive, and may need to change in the not so distant future.

EV Charging Single Point Connection Platform


A Single Point Connection Modular Charging Platform

We produce an EV Charging solution that reduces the installation cost by half, is completely customizable, future proofed and can be installed in days not weeks. Our patent pending single point connection ensures that as you need to expand your charging platform you can “quick connect” an additional platform without additional digging or trenching. Additionally, each platform can be equipped with a variety of charging solutions, customer conveniences, signage, lighting and canopies.


Making Your EV Charging Project A Success

Every site and every customer’s need is different. We have a variety of solutions that can meet your site, charging, and portability requirements. From our Portable Pallet DC Fast Charger to larger NEVI Compliant platforms to our slim line solutions for Level 2 and Level 3 chargers, we have you covered.

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