Above-Ground EV Charging Platforms

EV Charging Platforms

Supporting our nation’s transition to clean energy.

Your Source for Above-GroundRapidly DeployedRobustExpandable Charger AgnosticPre-commissioned Platform Based EV Charging.

DC-America produces an EV Charging solution that delivers cost and price certainty, is completely customizable, future-proofed, and can be installed in days, not weeks.

DC America, EV Charging Solution

Why Choose DC-America?

DC-America is a leading EV Charger Platform Manufacturer. All the charging station welding, assembly, and commissioning occurs at our Milton, West Virginia facility.

Have an EV Charging Project To Discuss? We’re Here To Help.

DC-America designs, manufacturers and installs turn-key single point connection charging stations. Through our internal EVITP-trained technicians and team of partners we build our solutions that will fuel the deployment of American EV infrastructure.